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I want to write, but no one has suggested anything at my Interactive Literature blog.

So go do that…

or leave me a plot bunny in my ask box - it’s labeled Jeopardy?

OR Give me at least three of the following.

  • A name
  • A profession
  • A setting
  • A question the MC needs to answer
  • A color
  • An odd environmental object (anything inanimate)
  • An obession
  • A word I might not know



I knew this would evolve, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Story Monkey is now Interactive Literature.

There is a twitter account @InteractiveLit. Now you can suggest chapter ideas even if you don’t have a tumblr!

I’m also going to say if you are a writer, and want to write the next chapter yourself, DO IT. Reblog the leading chapter and write your own. I’m asking you to reblog so that I can easily find your chapter and link to it as a possible choice at the end of the leading chapter.

Also, if you know anyone who loves to read, and has illustrating talent, I would love to see some art inspired by the chapters that are posted.

Let’s get this ball rolling!

Chapter 1

The dim golden light of the sunset filtered through the leaves and limbs of the forest leaving the path Shane was walking dappled with odd shapes of rich brown color. He watched the ground as he walked, as he always did, knowing the path would lead him safely home. Shane preferred the company of his own thoughts to the rare possibility of encountering a stranger here in these woods, and looking into the woods themselves usually sent shivers down his spine.

A hand subconsciously rises to the back of his head, ruffling his auburn hair, to stifle a tickle at the nape of his neck. He feels the small hairs stiffen and stand to attention at the sound of a howl in the woods.

The sound stops just as suddenly as it had started and he swears it sounded as if it was ended with the slap of a hand over a mouth.

"H-Hello?" Silence responds to his call.

Shane is no longer looking down, but ahead of him, looking for the gap in the trees at the end of the path that opens up to his village. The view isn’t calming. His pace quickens cracking small twigs strewn across the path.

Finally he relaxes as the end of his travel and his home come into view. A sigh escapes his throat, but turns into a yelp when a figure steps out from the side of the path.

The figure holds up both hands in a sign of apology, an attempt to calm Shane and prove no malice.

Shane feels his heart is pounding out of his chest, feels it rising and falling rapidly in time with his breath. His eyes are wildly searching the sides of the path expecting the rest of the ambush, but none comes.

"Sorry to frighten you." The voice is smooth, and carries an accent from a place Shane has never been. He makes contact with the strangers face for the first time.

His hair is grey and hangs in layers forming a point at the back of his neck. His skin is that of a child, unworn, unweathered by time or life, but covered in smudges of dirt and possibly coal. The color of the grime makes his eyes stand out, Shane feels as if they are seeing into him deeper than other eyes have before. They are steel blue, bright and pale. Calm overtakes Shane.

“‘Ts awright,” his eyes never leave the stranger.

"I was hoping to encounter a friendly sort who might offer some food and shelter from the coming storm." It isn’t a question, but the hint of one lingers around the edges. He lowers his hands, offering his right to Shane. "You can call me Howl."

Shane looks at the hand, unsure of what it means. He pokes it with his right index finger.

"Howl?" He rolls the word around his tongue, almost tasting the capital letter of it for the first time. "I’m Shane."

"It’s a handshake." Howl offers reassuringly, pushing his hand into Shane’s and pumping it a couple of times. He smiles.

Shane smiles at the stranger, looking from their entwined hands to Howl’s face to notice that his eyes have shifted color and shape. Greyer than before, and slitted vertically. In a blink they shift back to normal, and Shane shakes the image from his mind, but not the unease.

"Could you spare some food. I’ll help you and any family you may have in any way I can to replay it." Again the question eludes Howl, as if he can’t ask one.


What happens next?

Welcome to Story Monkey

My name is Daniel, and I will be your host and chapter fetcher.

I’ve long wanted to start a sort of choose-your-own-adventure story with some sort of social participation, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I think I’ve figured it out.

In the coming days, I will post the first chapter of a new story, and try to end it with a conundrum or general cliffhanger. At that point I would invite you to either Reblog or use the ask feature with a ‘tweet-esque’ springboard for a next chapter. (I could also open them up for replies…)

After a length of time, I will write at least two different second chapters, opening each up for more suggestions.

I think as a group we can start and finish 3-4 stories a year, if we limit a story to 3-4 months.

This is just a starting idea, and the future may see many evolutions.

I hope this picks up some followers, and We can bring interactive literary joy to eachother’s lives.

Will you stay tuned?